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State Government Resources Regarding the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

The image is an infographic describing the size and key characteristics of states as model employers. 
The top portion of the infographic contains a title and text: 
Title: States as model employers of people with disabilities. 
Text: States as employers can have a major impact on the employment rate of people with disabilities. 

The next section of the infographic contains text and an image highlighting the size of state employers. 
Title: States are large employers. 
Data from the image: States and local governments employ 19 million people; Health care and social assistance organizations employ 17 million people; Manufacturing employers 12 million people; and construction employs 5.5 million people. 

The last section of the infographic is entitled: Building blocks of states as model employers. It displays a triangle with 3 sections: 
Top section of triangle is titled “policy and leadership” with three sub-bullets: evaluate and adjust programs, measurable goals for accountability, formal partnerships with VR and hiring agencies. 
Right section of the triangle is titled “education and awareness with two sub-bullets: Disability diversity training, website accessibility. 
Left section of the triangle is titled “HR practices” with three sub-bullets: early intervention and return to work, fast tracking hiring, internships and job shadowing. 

The bottom of the infographic displays are reference for the data source: Krepcio, K., Barnett, S (2013). States as model employers of people with disabilities: A comprehensive review of politics, practices and strategies. Employer Assistance and Resource Network. It also includes a link to 
In many communities across the U.S., the state government is the largest employer, paying competitive wages and providing benefits to people in a range of positions, from entry-level to highly specialized. Recognizing the importance of a workforce that reflects the diversity of the citizenry they serve, some state governments are taking proactive steps to recruit and retain qualified people with disabilities. Furthermore, some states have policies that encourage or require their contractors to do the same.

The following resources provide more information about state government initiatives to increase the employment of people with disabilities, whether within the state workforce or its private sector. And be sure to check out our latest state resource, which features a model “Joint Resolution or Executive Order for States as Model Employers of People with Disabilities” and a sample "Dear Colleague" letter for state policy teams to customize and consider implementing.

Page last updated on Thursday, August 28, 2014