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Date: September 22, 2014
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

New regulations require that government contractors ask U.S. job applicants and employees to self-identify if they have a disability. How can employers build an inclusive workplace where people feel safe answering “yes” to this question?

Companies doing business with the U.S. government have a new mandate as of March 24, 2014: People with disabilities (PWDs) must represent at least 7 percent of job applicants and 7 percent of every job group.

New research from The Conference Board shows what companies are doing today to build a disability-inclusive culture. Hear Prudential’s strategy for achieving this while also meeting the new federal requirements for government contractors.

While 20 percent of workers will have a disability during their career, disclosing this in the workplace can be risky. Are PWDs more likely to self-identify in organizations that have a disability-inclusive culture?


  • Dr. Mary Young, Principal Researcher Human Capital, The Conference Board
  • Michele C. Green, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • Ashton A. Holt, Director, EEO & Diversity Analytics, Prudential Financial, Inc.

 Audience learning objectives or takeaways

  • How are companies collecting information about the representation of people with disabilities in their applicant pool and workforce?
  • Which strategies do companies find most effective for building a disability-inclusive workplace?
  • How can companies increase the number of applicants and employees with disabilities who self-identify as such?

HRCI credits will be available to participants.

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