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EY: Embedding Accessibility throughout the Enterprise

Employer Case Study: Ensuring digital access for all is important at EY.

Lockheed Martin: Customizing Accommodations Results in Increased Productivity for All

Employer Case Study: Learn how providing customized accommodations for employees with disabilities results in improved productivity at Lockheed Martin.

Talent Case Study: Dr. Julie Meade: Writing Her Own Story

Learn about the career path of a scientific writer with multiple disabilities.   

FALA Technologies: Manufacturing Career Opportunities

Employer Case Study: Learn about an innovative pre-apprenticeship program for people with disabilities in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Talent Case Study: Rachel Velasco: Blazing a Trail in Tech

Participation in training and leadership programs help accelerate a career in cyber security.

Video Case Study: Employers Focus on Accessibility

Learn how companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile are managing, measuring, and communicating about accessibility.

FALA Video Case Studies

Learn how a small business in New York’s Hudson Valley is training people with disabilities for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Leveraging the Shift to Remote Work to Increase Employment of People with Disabilities

This practice brief reviews the opportunities and benefits that telework presents for people with disabilities. 

Federal Agency Promising and Emerging Practices Facilitating Self-Identification of Disability

Learn strategies to encourage federal employees with disabilities to self-identify as having a disability.

Federal Hiring Authorities from a Disability Perspective

Learn about federal hiring authorities that support federal agency efforts to hire people with disabilities.

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