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Microsoft: Preparing Recruiters to Interview Job Candidates with Disabilities

Employer Case Study: Learn why manager training is an important step in preparing for workplace disability inclusion efforts.

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Microsoft has a long history of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees with disabilities. Microsoft believes hiring a diverse population of employees, including those with disabilities, enhances its products as well as the workplace.

One of the ways Microsoft prepares to recruit people with disabilities is by providing New Recruiter Orientation training. During this two-day training for new full-time Microsoft staffing members, modules are presented which teach general disability etiquette (do’s and don’ts) in a relaxed open atmosphere. Also, to make sure that the information covered during the training is readily accessible, an online “Disability Toolkit” is available for recruiters and other staffing members to refer back to when they meet and/or interview candidates with disabilities. The primary goal of the in-class training and the online tool is to make sure that the interview process highlights the strengths of the person and their qualifications for the position they are applying for.

The Disability Toolkit contains general information and tips about a variety of sensory and mobility disabilities to assist staffing professionals. The toolkit also contains Microsoft points-of-contact who can assist further in specialized cases as well as sample email templates that staffing coordinators can use to email hiring managers to minimize distractions and insure a great experience for the candidate.