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Building a disability-inclusive workforce starts with effective messaging, outreach and recruitment.

Checklist for Employers: Facilitating the Hiring of People with Disabilities Through the Use of eRecruiting Screening Systems, Including AI

Use this checklist to evaluate your organization's contracts with vendors who provide eRecruiting screening tools.

Online Recruitment of and Outreach to People with Disabilities: Research-Based Practices

This document summarizes results of a literature review on effective strategies for recruiting people with disabilities. 

Recruitment in Action: Case Studies

Read about how companies’ efforts to ensure their recruitment processes are inclusive and meet their talent needs.

Finding Candidates with Disabilities

Take proactive steps to recruit job candidates with disabilities.

Additional Results

Build the Pipeline: Outreach & Recruitment

Building a pipeline of applicants with disabilities is key to inclusive outreach and recruitment. 

Inclusive Recruitment: Applicable Laws and Regulations

Learn about federal laws and regulations that impact recruitment activities.

EARN 2023 Think Tank: Recruitment in Practice

“Transforming Human Resources (HR) Through Innovative Disability-Inclusive Policies and Practices” participants identified challenges to inclusive recruitment and potential solutions to address them. 

Talking About Inclusion@Work: Build the Pipeline: Outreach and Recruitment

Learn about proactive outreach and recruitment of people with disabilities. 

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

Learn about this free recruiting resource for federal employers. 

Ensuring Accessibility in the Recruitment Process

Assess your workplace to ensure its doors, including virtual doors, are open to all applicants.

SAME Strategies: Best, Promising, and Emerging Practices for Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and Advancement

Learn about best, promising, and emerging practices that support State as a Model Employer (SAME) strategies.

Small Business Toolkit: Recruit Job Seekers with Disabilities

Explore strategies to help small businesses effectively attract and recruit job seekers with disabilities.

Community Partnerships: An Effective Inclusion Strategy

Explore information about creating and sustaining effective community partnerships.

Inclusive Branding and Messaging

Communicate a commitment to inclusion across all of your recruitment materials.

Small Business Toolkit

Discover valuable information and resources to help small businesses build talent pipelines, address workforce needs, and gain insights into recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing people with disabilities.

Resources for Finding Candidates with Disabilities

Explore resources your organization can use to source candidates with disabilities. 

Business Benefits: The Positive Impacts of Disability Inclusion

Learn about the many benefits of recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing people with disabilities.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodivergent workers bring many skills and talents to the workplace. Learn more in this toolkit.

Getting Started

Start here to learn how to recruit, hire, retain and advance people with disabilities—and how EARN’s resources can help. 

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