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Resources on Mental Health and Employment

Find resources on policies, programs, and practices that support workplace mental health.

Featured Mental Health Resources

EARN Mental Health Resources

Other Department of Labor Mental Health Resources

  • DOL’s Mental Health at Work: This webpage provides resources to help employers create workplaces that prioritize mental health and to support compliance with federal law.
  • CDE's “Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do” Campaign: This Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) public education campaign explores the roles we ALL play in promoting workplace well-being—from organizational leaders and coworkers to people with mental health conditions themselves. The centerpiece of the campaign is a public service announcement (PSA) that features four cast members—a CEO, a manager, a coworker, and a person who identifies as having a mental health condition—discussing the role they play in supporting a mental health-friendly workplace. Watch the PSA and find resources and campaign materials including a workplace guide and posters on the CDE's website. The CDE also published a guest blog by Andy Imparato, former Executive Director of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) in which he reflects on his experiences working with a mental health condition.
  • JAN’s Publications and Articles on Workplace Mental Health: Explore the Job Accommodation Network’s (JAN) list of publications, blog posts and article on the topic of workplace supports for people with mental health impairments.
  • DOL’s “Mental Health and the Federal Workplace: What Can I Do?” Video: This training video and accompanying workplace guide (PDF) outlines ways federal employees at all levels can help promote a mental health-friendly workplace, for the benefit of themselves and their colleagues.