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Disability Inclusion in Action: Federal Agency Promising Practices

Watch these videos to learn about strategies to support and advance disability inclusion in the federal workforce.


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Major Components of the Government-wide Strategic Plan to Advance DEIA in the Federal Workplace

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in the Federal Workforce Info Center

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Section 503 Best Practices for Federal Contractors

Learn about strategies to help federal contractors meet their obligations under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and recruit, hire, advance, and retain workers with disabilities.

Including Neurodivergent Workers: Workspace, Work Schedules, and Other Accommodations

A supportive work environment can be helpful for all employees, including neurodivergent workers.

Accessible Onboarding

Ensure your organization’s onboarding processes are accessible and inclusive for employees with disabilities.

NILG Federal Contractor & Subcontractor Compliance Info Center

Information, tools, and resources to help federal contractors and subcontractors comply with regulations and meet disability utilization goals.

NILG Info Center: Laws and Regulations for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors

Learn about laws and regulations for federal contractors and subcontractors that relate to employment of people with disabilities.

NILG Info Center: Resources

Additional resources to help federal contractors and subcontractors comply with regulations and support employment of people with disabilities.

Transforming HR Through Innovative Disability-Inclusive Policies and Practices

4As: Offer Employee ASSISTANCE

Learn about resources to assist employees who have, or may develop, mental health conditions, or substance use disorders.

Resources on Mental Health and Employment

Find resources on policies, programs, and practices that support workplace mental health.

State as a Model Employer (SAME) Strategies

Learn about strategies to help state governments become model employers of people with disabilities.

State Government Employment: Quick Links

Find resources to help state government employers recruit, hire, retain, and advance people with disabilities.

Employer Engagement Resources for State Agencies

Learn about resources that can help state agencies engage with employers.

Small Business Toolkit: Advantages and Benefits for Small Businesses

Explore the many advantages and benefits people with disabilities bring to the small business workforce. 

Small Business Toolkit: Retain Employees with Disabilities

Explore strategies to help small businesses effectively retain people with disabilities.

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