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Disability Inclusion in the Workplace: Why It Matters

Learn about the importance of including people with disabilities in company DEIA plans and efforts.

If you're an employer new to understanding the role disability plays in workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA), you may be looking for guidance and background on the what, why, and how of making your organization more welcoming and accessible to applicants and employees with disabilities. 

Consider this your starting point for understanding how hiring workers with disabilities can benefit your organization and increase workplace diversity–and how EARN can help.

EARN is on a mission to help employers weave disability into their DEIA plans and efforts. Why? Because people with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world, and recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing workers with disabilities is good for America and good for business. If people with disabilities are not included in your organization's DEIA plan, then your plan is incomplete. 

Employers everywhere are learning that businesses inclusive of people with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities, benefit from a wider pool of talent, skills, and creative business solutions. They’re also recognizing disability diversity as an important way to tap into a growing market, since people with disabilities represent the third largest market segment in the United States. So, by proactively employing people with disabilities, businesses can gain a better understanding of how to meet the needs of this important and expanding customer base.

What does it mean to be disability-inclusive?

Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility: roadmap for organization-wide efforts.

There are numerous characteristics associated with disability-inclusive organizations. What is often surprising to employers is that most inclusion practices geared toward employees and job seekers with disabilities have the added bonus of benefiting everyone. Learn more about ensuring your organization's DEIA plan includes people with disabilities.

Disability Inclusion Steps to Success

Frequently Asked Questions about Workplace Disability Inclusion