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About EARN

EARN has information and resources to help employers, HR professionals and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) staff create workplaces that are inclusive of people with disabilities.

News and Events

Stay up-to-date on disability employment issues with news and information from EARN.

Talking About Inclusion@Work: Be Tech Savvy: Accessible Information and Communication Technology

Learn about the role of accessible information and communications technology (ICT) plays in disability inclusion.

EARN Partners

EARN's partners are dedicated to advancing workplace disability inclusion. 

EARN Staff

Learn more about the team behind EARN.

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Be Tech Savvy: Accessible Information & Communication Technology

Accessible information and communication technology (ICT) ensures your applicants and employees are fully included across all phases of employment.  

Learning Guide: Supporting the Mental Well-Being of Gen Z Workers

Learn how employers can create a supportive and mental health-friendly workplace for all workers, including “Gen Z” workers.

Dinah Cohen Learning Center

Review EARN's self-paced trainings, archived webinars, and other training assets to learn more about strategies for recruiting, hiring, retaining and advancing people with disabilities.

What's New on AskEARN

Find out about new content and updates to AskEARN!

Learning Guide: Creating an Effective Talent Strategy Through Local and Regional Partnerships

Partnerships between businesses and public or non-profit organizations can help diversify talent pipelines and reduce turnover.

Small Business Toolkit

Discover valuable information and resources to help small businesses build talent pipelines, address workforce needs, and gain insights into recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing people with disabilities.

Long COVID, Disability, and Underserved Communities: Recommendations for Employers

Learn more about the impacts of Long COVID on employment, especially for people with disabilities and other underserved groups.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodivergent workers bring many skills and talents to the workplace. Learn more in this toolkit.

Establishing and Maintaining Successful Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

This toolkit offers information on how to start, implement and maintain disability-focused ERGs to support your organization's diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) efforts.

Learn about Successful Programs

Learn more about effective workplace mental health programs. 

EARN 2023 Think Tank: Summary Report

Explore the overall key takeaways, policy ideas, and directions for the future from EARN's virtual Think Tank, “Transforming HR Through Innovative Disability-Inclusive Policies and Practices.”

NILG Federal Contractor & Subcontractor Compliance Info Center

Information, tools, and resources to help federal contractors and subcontractors comply with regulations and meet disability utilization goals.

Supporting Employees with Long COVID: A Guide for Employers

This guide developed by EARN and the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides information and resources to help employers support employees with Long COVID.

State Government Employment

Learn about strategies to help state governments become model employers of people with disabilities.

Workplace Flexibility

Learn how workplace flexibility helps create an inclusive, accessible, and equitable workplace culture.

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