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A commitment to disability inclusion includes equal opportunity to advance and grow.

A commitment to disability inclusion means not only recruiting and hiring people with disabilities, but also supporting them to grow professionally, and advance within your organization. This includes ensuring access to professional development opportunities, and providing performance feedback. The topics below provide information to help you ensure your advancement opportunities are equitable and nurture valued, longstanding leaders for your organization.  

Young Soldier in uniform with amputee leg sitting on desk in office chair, using laptop

Inclusive Advancement: Applicable Laws and Regulations

Learn about federal laws and regulations that impact advancement activities

A gardener in a wheelchair tends to a potted plant

Performance Management

Understand the important role feedback plays in helping all employees, including those with disabilities, advance

An older man with prosthetic hands laughs with a female colleague

Professional Development

Assess your professional development activities and paths to ensure their accessible to employees with disabilities

A woman who is blind is assisted by her worker

Accommodations and Advancement

Learn about reasonable accommodations and how they can help employees with disabilities advance in their careers

A carpenter with a prosthetic leg works in a lumber yard

Advancement Strategies for Specific Sectors and Industries

Understand special considerations certain employers have related to advancement of people with disabilities

A woman in a wheelchair speaks from a stage next to an American flag

Advancement in Action: Case Studies

Read about how companies ensure disability inclusion in their advancement and professional development activities