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Disability inclusion is about more than hiring; it also means taking steps to retain the talents of valued employees with disabilities.

In addition to taking steps to recruit and hire people with disabilities, organizations should review their policies and processes to ensure they retain employees with disabilities. Numerous retention strategies can assist in doing so. The topics below provide information to help you ensure valued employees with disabilities, including those who may acquire a disability due to injury, illness or aging, succeed.

A man using forearm crutches stands in front of a large computer monitor

Inclusive Retention: Applicable Laws and Regulations

Learn about federal laws and regulations that impact employee retention

A man in a wheelchair works in a machine shop

Retention Strategies

Explore strategies to help retain employees with disabilities

A woman sits in a wheelchair with LGBTQ pride flag draped around her neck between two friends

Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Explore strategies for fostering a supportive and inclusive work culture

A woman smiling with her colleagues

Measuring Progress

Track and review data to ensure your workplace is retaining employees with disabilities

A man who is blind uses a headset in his office

Accommodations and Retention

Learn about the role accommodations play in retaining employees with disabilities

A man working in a clothing store holds up the assistive technology device he uses to communicate with coworkers and customers

Retention in Action: Case Studies

Read about companies’ efforts to ensure they retain employees with disabilities