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Creating a Disability-Inclusive Workplace: The Role of Accommodations (Learning Guide)

Learn about the important role accommodations play in creating inclusive workplaces.

Centralized Accommodation Programs (CAP) in Practice

This checklist provides an overview of the essential components of a centralized accommodation program.

4As: Provide ACCOMMODATIONS to Employees

A variety of tools and resources exist to help employers support and accommodate their employees with mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

Reasonable Accommodations

Learn how reasonable accommodations help ensure productivity of all employees. 

Accommodations and Advancement

Learn about reasonable accommodations and how they can help employees advance in their careers.

Additional Results

Small Business Toolkit: Offer Reasonable Accommodations

Discover how reasonable accommodations play a role in ensuring the productivity of all employees in a small business.

Supporting Employees with Long COVID: A Guide for Employers

This guide developed by EARN and the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides information and resources to help employers support employees with Long COVID.

Accommodations and Retention

Learn about the role accommodations play in retaining employees with disabilities.

Talking About Inclusion@Work: Ensure Productivity: Reasonable Accommodations

Learn how job accommodations help ensure workplace inclusion of people with disabilities.

Inclusion@Work: A Framework for Building a Disability-Inclusive Organization

Explore strategies for creating disability-inclusive workplace cultures and meeting your organization's diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) goals.

Planning an Accessible Meeting or Event

This checklist outlines steps to take to ensure the accessibility of online or in-person meetings or events.

Planning an Accessible Training

This checklist helps organizations plan trainings that are accessible for employees with disabilities.

Ensure Productivity: Reasonable Accommodations

Learn about a basic element of workplace inclusion. 

Including Neurodivergent Workers: Workspace, Work Schedules, and Other Accommodations

A supportive work environment can be helpful for all employees, including neurodivergent workers.

Video Case Study: Accommodating and Retaining Teachers with Disabilities

Simple accommodations can help schools retain and advance teachers with disabilities, fostering an inclusive culture.

EARN Partners

EARN's partners are dedicated to advancing workplace disability inclusion. 

Self-Paced Trainings: Strategies for Disability Inclusion

Explore EARN's training courses on disability inclusion in the workplace.

Advancing & Retaining Federal Employees with Disabilities—The Case for Centralized Accommodation Programs & Funding

This policy brief explores guidance regarding the advancement and retention of employees with disabilities and the benefits of a centralized accommodation program.

Lockheed Martin: Customizing Accommodations Results in Increased Productivity for All

Employer Case Study: Learn how providing customized accommodations for employees with disabilities results in improved productivity at Lockheed Martin.

Increasing Disability Inclusion: Centralized Accommodation Programs as a Best Practice

Learn how centralized accommodation programs (CAPs) consolidate accommodation services and funding to improve outcomes for workers with disabilities.

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