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Welcome to AskEARN’s new website. As we transition to our new site, you can still visit EARN’s previous site.

About EARN

The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) is a free resource that helps employers tap the benefits of disability diversity by educating public- and private-sector organizations on ways to build inclusive workplace cultures.

Getting Started

Start here to learn how to recruit, hire, retain and advance people with disabilities — and how EARN’s resources can help.

    Phases of Employment

  • Recruit

    Build a pipeline of talent that includes people with disabilities.

  • Hire

    Identify people who have the skills and attributes for the job.

  • Retain

    Keep talented employees with disabilities, including those who acquire them on the job.

  • Advance

    Ensure that employees with disabilities have equal opportunities for advancement.

News & Events

EARN makes it easy to stay up-to-date on disability employment news and information. Start by subscribing to our e-blasts and monthly e-newsletter, which will connect you to upcoming events, developing news and promising practices in the world of disability diversity and inclusion. And don’t forget to follow EARN on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Performance Management

Understand the important role feedback plays in helping all employees advance

Organizations must provide feedback to all of their employees, including those with disabilities, not only when things are going well, but also when there are performance issues. Performance management is an important component of development and advancement at work. It lets employees know what they are doing well and where they need to make improvement. Too often, people with disabilities are not given the benefit of feedback, because managers are worried about raising thorny disability issues. This page explores the intersection of performance management and disability. 

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Phases of Employment

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