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Measuring Progress

Track and review data to ensure your workplace is retaining employees with disabilities.

To ensure that employees with disabilities want to stay within your organization, it is important to measure progress on key benchmarks continuously. Data can provide detailed information about your organization, such as how many of your employees with disabilities feel comfortable self-identifying as having a disability or how many of your employees with disabilities want to continue working at your organization. 

Accountability and Self-Identification

Visit the Measure Success: Accountability & Self-Identification section of the Inclusion@Work Framework to learn why it is important to establish goals and collect data to measure progress. This short course, and the resources that accompany it, will help you understand of how data can be used in evaluating your efforts to retain a disability-inclusive. 

Federal employers, federal contractors and federal subcontractors are required to invite employees to voluntarily identify as a person with a disability. This data informs the organization’s success toward meeting the goals identified by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. To learn more about tracking self-Identification data, read Engaging Employees to Measure Success: Innovative Approaches to Encouraging Self-Identification of Disability.

Phases of Employment

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