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Disability inclusion is about more than hiring; it also means taking steps to retain the talents of valued employees with disabilities.

Retention Strategies

Explore effective methods to help retain employees with disabilities.

Retention in Action: Case Studies

Read about companies’ efforts to ensure they retain employees with disabilities.

Inclusive Retention: Applicable Laws & Regulations

Learn about federal laws and regulations that impact employee retention.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Explore strategies for fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

Additional Results

EARN 2023 Think Tank: Retention in Practice

“Transforming Human Resources (HR) Through Innovative Disability-Inclusive Policies and Practices” participants identified challenges to inclusive retention and potential solutions to address them.

Retaining Valued Employees with Disabilities: The Importance of Performance Coaching and Management (Learning Guide)

Learn about effective strategies to ensure you are engaging employees with disabilities in meaningful dialogues about workplace performance. 

Hire (& Keep) the Best: Talent Acquisition & Retention Processes

Learn about effective policies and process for hiring and retaining employees with disabilities as part of overall effort to meet organizational diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) goals.  

Accommodations and Retention

Learn about the role accommodations play in retaining employees with disabilities.

SAME Strategies: Best, Promising, and Emerging Practices for Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and Advancement

Learn about best, promising, and emerging practices that support State as a Model Employer (SAME) strategies.


Mentoring is an effective strategy to promote retention and advancement of employees with disabilities.


Learn how employers can use stay-at-work/return-to-work programs as a retention strategy.

Advancing & Retaining Federal Employees with Disabilities—The Case for Centralized Accommodation Programs & Funding

This policy brief explores guidance regarding the advancement and retention of employees with disabilities and the benefits of a centralized accommodation program.

Workers’ Compensation

Understand how workers' compensation programs support retention of your workforce. 

Best Buy: Powering Inclusion and Retention through Training

Employer Case Study: Learn how specialized training for managers and staff helped employees and customers on the autism spectrum feel welcome and included.

Encouraging Self-Identification

Learn more about the role of employers in supporting self-identification. 

Planning for Inclusive Hiring

Building a foundation for an inclusive environment from day one can help organizations of all sizes and in all industries meet their diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) goals.

Lockheed Martin: Making a Small Investment to Retain Talent

Employer Case Study: Retention strategies help Lockheed Martin keep a valued employee.

Creating an Accessible and Welcoming Workplace

Learn more about all of the elements of accessibility in the workplace.

Reasonable Accommodations

Learn how reasonable accommodations help ensure productivity of all employees. 

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