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Retention in Action: Case Studies

Read about companies’ efforts to ensure they retain employees with disabilities.

Companies have used a variety of innovative approaches to retain employees with disabilities. Browse our case studies to learn more about best practices that may be emulated or adapted for your organization. 

Featured Case Study


This video series highlights PepsiCo's work in creating an inclusive workplace, including addressing public safety and mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case Studies

Eli Lilly and Company: The Right Prescription for Disability Inclusion

Learn how Eli Lilly’s self-identification program has driven the promotion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives.

Centene: Weaving Self-Identification into Company Culture

Learn about Centene’s “I Count: Why I Self Identify” campaign and how it has created significant progress in reducing stigma around disability self-identification.

Lessons Learned: Accommodating and Retaining Educators with Disabilities

Find out about the role workplace accommodations play in retaining teachers with disabilities.

Best Buy: Powering Inclusion and Retention Through Training

Learn how specialized training helped the electronics retailer better support neurodiverse employees and customers.

Deloitte: Retaining a High Performing Employee through Workplace Accommodations

Learn why workplace accommodations are an important retention strategy.

Lockheed Martin: Making a Small Investment to Retain Talent

Find out how providing workplace accommodations helped Lockheed Martin retain a valued employee.

Volk Packaging Corporation: Making a Commitment to Disability Inclusion

Learn how a small business fosters an inclusive workplace culture.

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