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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Learn how disability-focused employee groups can help support workplace inclusion.

As America’s minority population continues to expand and evolve, so does the desire for workplace environments that are equitable and fair for all employees. Increasingly, employers are establishing internal groups to address the unique needs and issues of this diverse workforce.

These structures, known as Employee Networks, Affinity Groups, or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), are found in 90% of Fortune 500 companies and are gaining additional business support throughout the country. ERGs offer employees an opportunity to network, address common issues and concerns, and receive support from those who share similar backgrounds, interests, or experiences—including disability.

EARN’s ERG toolkit can assist employers in understanding the benefits and how-to of disability-focused ERGs. For more information about ERGs, read EARN's factsheet, Fostering Disability-Inclusive Workplaces Through Employee Resource Groups.

To learn about planning accessible ERG events, read this factsheet developed by EARN and the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT).

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