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Ensuring Accessibility in the Hiring Process

Learn about strategies to ensure your organization's hiring processes are accessible to all applicants, including people with disabilities.

Ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities at every step of the hiring process is an essential part of disability inclusion. 

Types of Accessibility

A disability-inclusive workplace is an accessible workplace. “Accessibility” is not only physical, such as wheelchair ramps, braille signage and accessible restrooms, but also digital, meaning that information and communication technology is accessible to all and/or compatible with assistive technology devices.

All employers should know how to create an accessible and welcoming workplace that is ready for people with disabilities to seamlessly enter as applicants and employees. 

Learn more about physical accessibilitytechnological accessibility and attitudinal awareness to ensure your workplace is accessible for all. For more information, visit the Be Tech Savvy: Accessible Information & Communication Technology section of EARN’s Inclusion@Work Framework. 

Accessible Interviews

Job interviews play a critical role in the hiring process, so ensure that whether in-person or virtual, your organization’s interviews are fully accessible for all candidates, including those with disabilities. To learn more about ensuring accessibility for interviews, visit Planning for Inclusive Hiring and Onboarding, or read EARN’s checklist on Accessible and Authentic Interviews for Candidates with Disabilities. For information on accessibility of virtual interviews, visit the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology’s (PEAT) website.