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Americans with Disabilities Act & Workplace Safety

Learn about the connection between the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Technological Accessibility

Technology accessibility, also known as digital accessibility, is an important component of disability inclusion.  

Expressing a Commitment to Disability Inclusion

Learn about effective strategies for communicating your organization's commitment to disability inclusion as part of an overall strategy to meet your organization's DEIA goals.

Reasonable Accommodations

Learn how reasonable accommodations help ensure productivity of all employees. 

Organizational Benefits of Neurodiversity

Learn about the benefits of hiring neurodivergent employees.

Management, Peer Training and Mentoring

Train managers and peers to improve the workplace experiences of neurodivergent employees.

Federal Contractor Requirements

Learn about obligations federal contractors have under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, and strategies to meet them.


Ensure your organization's interview processes are inclusive of candidates with disabilities.  

Medical Inquiries

Learn about ADA rules and regulations related to the types of questions employers can ask about an applicant or employee's disability.

Encouraging Self-Identification

Learn more about the role of employers in supporting self-identification. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Learn how disability-focused employee groups can help support workplace inclusion.


Building a disability-inclusive workforce starts with effective messaging, outreach and recruitment.

Finding Candidates with Disabilities

Take proactive steps to recruit job candidates with disabilities.

Ensuring Accessibility in the Recruitment Process

Assess your workplace to ensure its doors, including virtual doors, are open to all applicants.

Recruitment in Action: Case Studies

Read about how companies’ efforts to ensure their recruitment processes are inclusive and meet their talent needs.

EARN Staff

Learn more about the team behind EARN.


Disability inclusion is about more than hiring; it also means taking steps to retain the talents of valued employees with disabilities.


A commitment to disability inclusion includes equal opportunity to advance and grow.

Planning for Inclusive Hiring

Building a foundation for an inclusive environment from day one can help organizations of all sizes and in all industries meet their diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) goals.

Accommodations and Retention

Learn about the role accommodations play in retaining employees with disabilities.

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