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Self-Paced Trainings: Strategies for Disability Inclusion

Explore EARN's self-paced courses on the Inclusion@Work Framework. 

Developed with input from a range of employers with exemplary track records in disability employment, EARN’s Inclusion@Work Framework outlines seven core components of a disability-inclusive workplace, along with a menu of strategies for achieving them. This series of trainings explores each section of the Framework, as well as others topics related to workplace disability inclusion. Each training takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and includes a quiz at the end to test your knowledge of the subject matter.

Explore EARN’s training on creating a Mental Health-Friendly Workplace.

Be Tech Savvy: Accessible Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Learn how to make your ICT infrastructure accessible to your applicants, employees and customers.

Build the Pipeline: Outreach and Recruitment

Learn more about building a sustainable talent pipeline in this short training.


Communicate: External & Internal Communication of Company Policies and Practices

Learn how to ensure your company is using disability-inclusive messaging in this short training.

Ensure Productivity: Reasonable Accommodations

Learn more about how accommodations can help ensure all of your employees are as productive as possible in this short training.


Hire (& Keep) the Best: Talent Acquisition & Retention Processes

Learn more about the policies and processes that facilitate hiring and retention in this short training.

Lead the Way: Inclusive Business Culture

Take this short training to learn more about how you can establish an inclusive business culture.

Measure Success: Accountability & Self-identification

Learn more about how collecting metrics can help you measure the success of your disability inclusion efforts in this short training.

Additional Online Courses

Centralized Accommodation as a Best Practice

This short course will explain what a CAP is and how it can benefit your organization.

Creating a Mental Health-Friendly Workplace

This short training explores strategies employers can use to support their employees’ mental health and well-being and create a mental health-friendly workplace.

Working Together

Learn about general guidelines and best practices for communicating and interacting with applicants, employees, and customers with disabilities in a respectful way.

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