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Accessing Talent Through Partnerships: A Playbook

This playbook shares strategies used to develop and launch successful collaborations, to build an inclusive talent pipeline prepared for successful careers at CVS Health.


Learn more about to combine education and real-world work experience. 

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CVS Health Video Case Studies

Learn more about how CVS Health fosters collaborations to develop job training initiatives for people with disabilities.

CVS Health: Drafting a Playbook for Success

Employer Case Study: Learn how CVS Health's Abilities in Abundance program leverages partnerships to support its disability-focused hiring initiatives.

Community Partnerships: An Effective Inclusion Strategy

Explore information about creating and sustaining effective community partnerships.

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EY: Using a Collaborative Approach to Accommodate Interns with Disabilities

Learn about strategies that EY utilizes to ensure student internship opportunities inclusive from start to finish. 

Expanding Your Talent Pool: Disability Inclusion in Advanced Manufacturing (Learning Guide)

Explore the "Seven Steps to Success for Disability Inclusion in Advanced Manufacturing."

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FALA Technologies: Manufacturing Career Opportunities

Employer Case Study: Learn about an innovative pre-apprenticeship program for people with disabilities in New York’s Hudson Valley.

FALA Video Case Studies

Learn how a small business in New York’s Hudson Valley is training people with disabilities for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Federal Highway Administration: Promoting a Diverse and Inclusive Transportation Workforce through Internships

Employer Case Study: Find out how a summer internship program supports on-the-job training for students with disabilities.

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Interns with Disabilities: Maximizing the Internship Experience

Explore four components of a successful internship program for students with disabilities. 


Internships are an effective strategy for ensuring disability diversity in the workplace.  

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JPMorgan Chase Video Case Studies

Learn about a JPMC initiative to train and hire people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for professional roles within the organization, and how the program shifted to remote work during the pandemic.

JPMorgan Chase: Driving Inclusion through On-the-Job Training

Employer Case Study: Find out how this leading financial institution is using a paid apprenticeship model to train and hire people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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Mentoring Student Interns with Disabilities

Find ideas for being a supportive mentor for interns with disabilities.

Mentoring as a Disability Inclusion Strategy

Learn how mentoring programs can help improve employee satisfaction, develop organizational leadership and teach new skills.

MetLife: Recruiting Interns with Disabilities Through Community Partnership

Employer Case Study: Find out about using internships to increase workplace diversity.

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NASA: Developing a STEM Talent Pipeline Through Inclusive Internships

Employer Case Study: Learn about NASA's efforts to ensure opportunities for scientists with disabilities.

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Review of Community College-Employer Partnerships and Initiatives: Expanding Opportunities for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Learn how partnerships between community colleges and employers can help expand job opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Talent Case Study: LeAndre Yarrell: Mentoring Leads to Opportunities for Advancement for a Combat Injured Veteran

Learn how a leading corporation leveraged a federal internship program to recruit top talent, including a U.S. Army veteran. 

Talent Development

Explore how work-based learning opportunities like internships and apprenticeships can help you build a diverse pipeline of talent.

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Workplace Mentoring Playbook

Offers strategies, tools and activities for employers and employees interested in establishing mentoring relationships.

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